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Do you have the right skills for the digital sector.....

TalentPool have discovered an article published by Fenews, discussing what skills young people need to get into the digital industry.

This is an excerpt from their article.....

The digital sector is known for its constant change and revolutionary innovations — you can’t sit still or you’ll find yourself being left behind. Breaking out in this industry can be difficult, with young people thinking twice about going to university and complying with the traditional teaching methods that are notoriously present within the current educational structure.

This article that discusses the importance of upskilling young people in this sector to help prepare them for what real businesses would expect from them.

The creative sector in the UK

Over the past few years, the amount of money the creative sector has contributed to the British economy has been on the rise — with figures at £85 billion in 2015 and £92 billion in 2016. This just shows that the industry is progressing at a rapid rate and now accounts for over 5% of the wider economy here in Britain.

The Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport — otherwise known as DCMS has stated that the creative sector here in Britain is growing at four times the rate of the country’s overall workforce. The number of creative jobs soared in 2016 increasing by a total of 5% compared to the wider UK workforce that only increased by 1.2%. However, including creative positions in other industries across the UK – this rise equated to 5.1%.

With this news, one in eight businesses in the UK are labelled as ‘creative companies’ — that’s over 284,000 businesses that employ over 3.04 million workers. This represents a positive +5% year on year growth.

The same source suggested that in 2016, there were 912,000 non-creative support jobs within the same industry. However, this figure was succeeded by the 1,047,000 creative occupations within the industry. Although the figures that are accounting for the sector seem high, there were also a reported 1,076,000 creative jobs outside of the sector.

It’s important to understand that we need to begin equipping the next generation with the skills they need to meet consumer requirements – especially with an estimated 197 billion apps downloaded in 2017. This includes knowledge on how apps work, the purpose of them and how to enhance the user experience to ensure that they are retained for a lengthy course.

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