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Is Your Workplace Safe?


Is your workplace safe and healthy.......

TalentPool have just read a great article about your wellbeing in the workplace, published by British Safety Council.

This is an excerpt from their website....

For over 60 years, the British Safety Council, whose vision is that no-one should be injured or made ill at work, has been working and campaigning to make workplaces safer and healthier. The organisation's charismatic, and sometimes controversial, founder, James Tye used a wide range of promotional and marketing techniques, including specially commissioned posters, to bring to the public’s attention the issues that stood in the way of health and safety. At the time, laws to protect workers were inadequate and piecemeal and hundreds of people were being killed at work each year.
Times have changed and Britain’s safety record is one of the best in the world. However, the changing nature of employment poses new risks to the health and wellbeing of employees. A move away from standard work practices, new technologies, long hours and an ageing workforce will dramatically change our working lives. The wellbeing of people, who in the future will work with robots that don’t need rest or social interaction, is likely to be significantly affected. 

In view of these changes and their implications for the workforce, the British Safety Council has launched a multimedia poster competition that will focus on wellbeing at work or school/college. It is challenging workers, designers and students to visualise what wellbeing at work or in education means for them today. The British Safety Council’s posters of the 1960s,1970s and 1980s have become a fascinating record of the social and political realities of the times. The charity hopes that this competition will produce a social and historical record of similar significance.

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