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Life can, at times, be stressful enough without the added pressure of looking for a job which can be a real chore. No matter what your specialism, any vacancy is going to attract a blizzard of applications from all quarters and it is so easy to get lost in that pile of CVs that will be weighing down the employer’s in-tray. You may consider trying an employment agency but, while they talk a good game, you could very well find yourself tearing your hair out trying to get some kind of response from them once you’ve signed up.

Web2Recruit is a different breed of recruiter. To them recruitment isn’t a game, it’s a profession and a passion. It’s not about hitting targets and building a database of disgruntled jobseekers. It’s solely about matching the right person to the right opportunity.

The only way to achieve the perfect match is to know both the candidate and the client. Web2Recruit takes the time to build proper, long-lasting relationships with both their candidates and their clients. It’s important to do this because how else are you supposed to find round pegs to fit round holes?

The experienced and dedicated consultants at Web2Recruit have an eye for details about the people they deal with and can spot potential. They know how to seek out strengths and weaknesses and areas that can be improved. They are always ready to give advice and support when required. They are always honest and open.

The same relationship building with clients is just as important as they put together a strategy for ensuring the individual that is offered to the employer to fill a vacancy will be a perfect fit for the existing team. It is that attention to detail, dedication and professionalism that brings clients back year after year. The relationship blossoms as a bond of trust forms and organisations from SMEs to large corporations admit they wouldn’t go anywhere else for their recruitment needs.

Web2Recruit offers fulltime and part-time permanent or long/short term contract opportunities in the following sectors:

  • Social Care
  • Health & Medicine
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Legal
  • Executive

If you want a good, honest recruitment specialist who will work hard for you without the hard sell and without the vague promises, follow the lead of so many satisfied candidates and clients and give Web2Recruit a call today.